How Candlelight Dinners Make You More Attractive

If you think candlelight dinners make you more attractive, you’re right. And here are three reasons why.

November 15, 2018 | JP Ferreria

Nothing says “I love you” more than a romantic candlelight dinner. Whether it’s by the beach, in a fancy restaurant or right at the comfort of your own home, a candlelight dinner is a sure way to sweep a lady off her feet. Some guys would even use this time to pop the question, knowing that during the dinner, his chances are far from slim. But why, really? What’s with eating under the light of a wax stick?

It’s the Candle, Bro!

What separates a candlelight dinner from the casual supper is... you guessed it, the candle! When the lights are out and only the wax stick shines, everything left in the dark fades into the background and your focus shifts on what the candle illuminates – the food, the wine, and of course, your date! But, it has to be more than just that, right? Otherwise, we’d just be having spotlight dinners instead of candlelight dinners.

Staying Warm

Notice how warm lighting often makes a place cozy, intimate even. Hotels often use warm downlights and spotlights to create a relaxing atmosphere for their guests. Some couples find watching the warm sunset a romantic activity. In fact, the color temperature of the sun at sunset and a candle lie within the same range at 1800 - 2000K. The warm color of the candle and sunlight adds a hint of coziness and intimacy, stirring deeper attraction between two people. If you want to feel more comfortable and more relaxed in your own home, lights within the warm white range, around 3000K, can help you create the perfect atmosphere you desire.

Seeing Your True Colors

While lights often blend into the background and go unnoticed, it is fairly easy to see when lighting is bad, especially when it produces pale and unappealing colors. This is why restaurants and retail stores use warm and color-accurate lighting. Objects appear more attractive when their colors pop out. This cannot be truer for our skin.

In lighting, the color accuracy of a lighting fixture is measured in a scale called the Color Rendering Index, or CRI, with values from 0-100. Anything below 60 is pretty bad and colors are washed out. A CRI value between 60-80 is fairly decent and the colors appear closer to the actual. The most accurate color rendering index values are those above 80. A candle’s CRI is somewhere between 80-85. That said, a person’s skin would be more accurately rendered when under the candlelight. The skin looks more natural, thus, you look more attractive.

Modern LED luminaires have dramatically improved in the color rendering accuracy aspect over the years. For us in OSRAM, all LED lighting fixtures guarantee excellent color accuracy having CRI values listed above 80. OSRAM offers a variety of selection for the color temperatures available – warm white (3000K), cool white (4000K), and daylight (6500K). If you want color-accurate, robust, and reliable LED lights, call OSRAM today.