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The True Cost of Unreliability

Would you buy this fork at 70% off?

Or this chair with a 50% discount?

How about this wineglass for 10% of the average price?

Don't compromise quality for savings.

When you buy your LED lights, you pay not only for illumination, you’re paying for efficiency, and more importantly, you’re paying for safety. And just like in the examples above, cheaper products from less known brands don’t always give you the better value.

In one case reported in BBC’s Fake Britain, 1,000 unbranded LED lamps, shipped and imported from China, made its way to the Port of Felixstowe on England. Authorities found that some of the samples had insufficient insulation and exposed live elements. The unbranded domestic lamp tested 179V and 91mA, many times higher than the European safety standards maximum of 60V and 2mA. They were potentially lethal.

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